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Product Description

200µm Industrial shrink-wrap sheeting manufactured to be most suited for industrial and marine applications.

Sheets of 4m width to 14m width, perfect for shrink wrapping boats and and modular buildings to protect them during winter storage or transport by road. The 4m wide film is folded down to just 1.2m width on the roll!

Also, commonly used to create tented shelters for marine refits or to make internal partitions for work containment in live factories and warehouses.


up to 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m


30m to 70m


190mic, 200mic, 230mic, 250mic

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Shrink Wrap is from a specially formulated, virgin resin blend that provides superior strength and longevity to competitive films of greater millage. Our products comes in white, blue, and clear with a wide variety of roll widths ranging from 12′ to 50′ and serve as ideal shrink wrap for boats, industrial, marine, and construction applications among others.


Any object can be wrapped…the only limit is your imagination. From boats and large machinery to damaged homes and bridge construction projects, all can be shrink wrapped for outdoor storage, shipping or containment. All of our shrink wrap contains UV inhibitors and is known for its resistance to weather. Most sizes are available in white or clear.

Products Appliance

We can produce a complete line of premium shrink wrap products capable of wrapping large buildings and scaffolding.

They are applied in boat, vehicle [RVs, motorcycles, truck, tractor, trailer, etc,], equipment, construction sites, the construction of a new building or renovation/add-on to an existing one.

Our Advantages

All films are engineered to weld / join easily and shrink powerfully to create the signature ‘drum tight’ finish to the cover you are looking for. Although this grade wrap is typically used for marine shrink wrapping, it can also be used for industrial applications such as transport & storage covers for industrial equipment & machinery.

Saves time & money
Shrink wrap can also reduce heating/cooling costs during the construction process. Plus it contains anti-static and flame retardant additives to make it safe and easy to use around the work environment.

Sleek, waterproof, durable protection
Scaffold shrink wrap is a strong and durable plastic cladding that matches every protection or containment need: from shielding the workforce and tools from poor weather to protecting the environment against the dust and debris generated on site.

UV inhibitors for long-term use

Scaffold wrap is manufactured to contain UV inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to prevent it becoming brittle when used long-term. It is cost effective and UV protected for long term usage (12 months+).

5 Layer Co-extrusion Blown Film ProcessBlown 5-layer film and Unique formula provides maximum mechanical strength

Product Packaging

HangZhou sterling & young import and export co.,ltd owns enclosed dust and fumes filtrated workshop equipped with modern ventilation system, environment protection air conditioning and air shower.
With effective and trustworthy logistics and shipping partners, we are able to deliver our products safely and efficiently to customers at every corner of the world.

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Company Profile

HangZhou Sterling & Young import and export Co.,Ltd. is a Industry and trade Integrated enterprise specializing in packing products. Our factory started in the year of 1999 and located in HangZhou city, ZheJiang Province of China.

We manufacture various sizes of high-quality industrial and consumable plastic bags and films, such as stretch film, shrink wrap,stretch hood film, silage wrap, mattress bag and other films.

Sterling & Young today is well-equipped with state-of-the-art multi-layer cast stretch film production facility ,2 lines 5 layers co-extrusions blown film systems ,7 lines 3 layers co-extrusions blown film systems which can produce wide range of PE films.


Q1:Are you factory or trading company?
Re: We are factory,located in ZheJiang Province, China, welcome to come to visit us at any time.We will be pleasure to pick you or your partner up.

Q2: Can I get free samples from you?Re: Yes,free sample is available. you just need to pay the express can provide us the A/C of DHL, Fedex, TNT,UPS,Each 1 is ok. Or you can call your courier to pick up from our office.And we are glad to refund the express fee once orders confirmed.
Q3. Can you produce according to the samples?Re: Yes, we can produce by your samples.
Q4:Why choose us.Re:We are a professional and honest supplier. If you couldn’t inspect our shipment, before shipment, We would take our mass shipment picture for your ref. By these ways, you could save so many time and money.

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Material: PE
Usage: Packaging Film
Type: Shrink Film
US$ 2/kg
1 kg(Min.Order)


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

oudoor furniture

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for aluminum table production?

Yes, there are eco-friendly and sustainable options for aluminum table production. Here are some key considerations and practices in the industry:

1. Recycled Aluminum:

One sustainable option is using recycled aluminum for table production. Recycled aluminum is obtained from post-consumer or post-industrial sources, reducing the need for mining new raw materials. It requires less energy and resources compared to primary aluminum production, resulting in lower carbon emissions and environmental impact.

2. Energy Efficiency:

Aluminum table manufacturers can adopt energy-efficient practices in their production processes. This includes using energy-efficient machinery, optimizing production layouts, and implementing energy-saving technologies. By reducing energy consumption, manufacturers can minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability.

3. Waste Reduction and Recycling:

Efforts can be made to reduce waste generation during aluminum table production. Manufacturers can implement recycling programs to properly handle and recycle scrap aluminum and other materials. This helps minimize waste sent to landfills and promotes a circular economy approach.

4. Responsible Supply Chain:

Choosing suppliers and partners who follow sustainable practices is crucial for eco-friendly aluminum table production. Manufacturers can prioritize suppliers that adhere to environmental regulations, promote worker health and safety, and have responsible mining or sourcing practices for raw materials.

5. Surface Treatment and Finishing:

Considerations can be made for using eco-friendly surface treatment and finishing processes for aluminum tables. Water-based or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) coatings can be used instead of solvent-based options, reducing harmful emissions and minimizing environmental impact.

6. Product Longevity and Durability:

Designing and producing aluminum tables with longevity and durability in mind can contribute to sustainability. By creating high-quality tables that withstand wear and tear, manufacturers reduce the need for frequent replacements and extend the product’s lifespan.

7. End-of-Life Recycling:

Manufacturers can encourage end-of-life recycling of aluminum tables by providing information and resources to consumers. Promoting proper disposal and recycling options ensures that aluminum tables are recycled rather than ending up in landfills.

By adopting these eco-friendly and sustainable practices, the aluminum table industry can minimize its environmental impact, reduce resource consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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How does the durability of aluminum tables compare to other materials?

When it comes to durability, aluminum tables offer several advantages compared to other materials commonly used for tables. Here’s a comparison of the durability of aluminum tables with some other popular table materials:

1. Aluminum vs. Wood:

Aluminum tables are generally more durable than wood tables. While wood can be prone to warping, cracking, and decay over time, aluminum is highly resistant to such issues. Aluminum is not affected by moisture, insects, or rot, making it a suitable choice for outdoor use or in environments where exposure to these elements is a concern.

2. Aluminum vs. Plastic:

Aluminum tables tend to be more durable than plastic tables. Plastic tables can be susceptible to cracking, fading, and discoloration, especially when exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperature changes. In contrast, aluminum is more resistant to UV radiation and temperature variations, making it a more durable option for outdoor use.

3. Aluminum vs. Glass:

Aluminum tables are generally considered more durable than glass tables. While glass can shatter or chip with impact, aluminum is more resistant to such damage. Aluminum tables also tend to be sturdier and less prone to wobbling or tipping over, providing a more stable surface for various activities.

4. Aluminum vs. Steel:

Both aluminum and steel tables are known for their durability, but there are some differences between the two. Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, while steel can rust if not properly coated or maintained. However, steel tables can be heavier and more robust, making them suitable for heavy-duty use. Aluminum tables, on the other hand, are lightweight yet still provide excellent strength and durability.

Overall, aluminum tables offer a high level of durability and resilience compared to other common table materials. They are particularly advantageous in outdoor settings, as they withstand exposure to the elements without rusting, warping, or fading. Additionally, aluminum tables are lightweight, making them easy to move and rearrange while maintaining their structural integrity.

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Where can I find affordable aluminum tables for my patio or deck?

If you are looking for affordable aluminum tables for your patio or deck, there are several places where you can find them. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Online Retailers:

– Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart offer a wide range of aluminum tables at various price points. You can browse through their selection, compare prices, read customer reviews, and choose a table that fits your budget and requirements.

– Home improvement websites such as Home Depot and Lowe’s also have online stores where you can find affordable aluminum tables specifically designed for outdoor use. They often offer discounts or promotions, especially during seasonal sales.

2. Furniture Stores:

– Local furniture stores or outdoor living specialty stores may carry aluminum tables for patios and decks. Visit these stores in person to see the tables up close, sit at them, and assess their quality. Inquire about any ongoing sales or clearance items that could offer more affordable options.

3. Discount Stores:

– Discount stores such as Big Lots, IKEA, or Target often have outdoor furniture sections where you can find affordable aluminum tables. These stores offer a range of budget-friendly options without compromising on style and functionality.

4. Secondhand Markets:

– Explore secondhand markets like thrift stores, consignment shops, or online platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Letgo. You may find pre-owned aluminum tables that are still in good condition at significantly lower prices compared to buying new. However, be sure to inspect the tables thoroughly before making a purchase.

5. Seasonal Sales:

– Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, especially during the spring and summer months when outdoor furniture is in high demand. Many retailers offer discounts and promotions on aluminum tables and other patio furniture items during these times.

6. Local Classifieds:

– Check your local classified ads in newspapers or online platforms. Sometimes, individuals or businesses may be selling aluminum tables at affordable prices in your area.

When searching for affordable aluminum tables, it’s important to consider factors beyond just the price. Look for tables that are sturdy, well-constructed, and designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Read product descriptions, customer reviews, and specifications to ensure that the table meets your requirements in terms of size, style, and durability.

Remember to also factor in any additional costs such as shipping fees or assembly requirements when comparing prices. By exploring different sources and considering both new and pre-owned options, you can find an affordable aluminum table that fits your budget and enhances your patio or deck space.

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